Summer in the City-Scapes
Submission Deadline: July 27, 2023
Show Opens: August 11, 2023
Reception: August 11, 2023 7:00 pm
Show Closes: September 3, 2023

Delivery and Pickup Instructions

drop off August 6, 2023 between 1 - 3pm pick up September 3 2023 between 1- 3pm

Show Theme *

Theme: As the song goes "Hot town summer in the city..." this call for art is a retrospective of city life during the summer months, festive and full of activity. We want to see images of the city in all its grandeur, accepting 2D works any medium.

Submission Form


  • Artists may enter up to 3 pieces unless noted in our description above.
  • *All submitted art will be reviewed for suitability to our theme.
  • Accepted Work must be professionally presented, wired to hang, no saw-tooth or keyhole hangers accepted.
  • Accepted work must be properly labeled.
  • All art submitted must be exclusively available for sale, for the duration of this show.

Other Open Shows

Art in Motion 2023

Any kind of art that moves or appears to move; optical illusion, mechanical creations, kinetic sculpture and mobiles and images of art in motion. Art will be displayed on walls hanging from the ceiling or sitting on pedestals. accepting 2D & 3D art in any medium.

The Jewelry Show

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Fantastic Fantasy

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Abstract Expressions

Abstract art can be two or three-dimensional, large or small, made with many materials or on many surfaces, or used together with representational art or be completely non-representational. “To be the observer and discover what the artists is saying through the lines, shapes, and color.

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